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After years of inadequate planning and insufficient investment in efficient and reliable transport options, Perth residents have become heavily dependent on private vehicles. Without changing the way public transport is currently planned and prioritised, congestion will continue to worsen which impacts individuals, businesses and the environment.

Transit City will provide all residents and visitors, including those in the outer suburbs, with the opportunity to go from anywhere to anywhere efficiently and conveniently.

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Transit City is the Greens’ vision for the future of Perth in which the community is provided with a multi-modal, interconnected network of high frequency public transport. 

The plan includes:

  • 71km of new rail that links exiting rail lines 
  • 65km of light rail 
  • 283km of Bus Priority Transit priority lanes and signalling to link strategic centres
  • A 811km network of high frequency buses running along greatly simplified routes
  • Dramatically increase the frequency of all services to make public transport more convenient 
  • Fill the gaps in the network to provide a better service no matter where you live 

To achieve this we would prioritize spending on public transport to create a game changing upgrade of the public transport network over 10-15 years. We would also encourage private sector through value capture and private public partnerships.

We can’t keep doing what we’ve always done and expect a different outcome. As Perth heads towards having seven of the most congested roads in Australia by 2031, we need a dramatic change of course. Towards a Transit City. 

Quick Facts

  • Perth commuters could save up to $1,500 a year, or $30 per week if they use public transport rather than drive a medium sized car. 
  • About 30% of Australians do not own or use a car
  • Only about 85% of Perth homes currently have easy access to public transport, even then the services are not frequent enough to be convenient 
  • Over the past 10 years patronage on our rail network increased by 67% - three times the rate of population growth.
  • People say the only way to make public transport viable is through density, but a Dispersed Network system means even a sprawling city like Perth can be a transit city.