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Imagine what Western Australia could look like if we invested in the things that matter.

Imagine if we put people first and addressed the massive inequality that continues to grow in our state.

Imagine if we invested in infrastructure for the future, starting with an affordable, connected public transport system that would mean we could design our city differently and take the pressure off our roads, land and precious natural places.

Imagine if we protected our children’s future and took serious action on global warming by investing in renewable energy and diversifying our economy.

The Greens have set out a plan to achieve this vision. Comprised of a series of detailed studies and policy initiatives, our plan provides a tangible, costed transition for a truly sustainable, prosperous and connected WA.

Energy 2029

100% Renewable Energy in WA is within our reach if we act with the urgency and ambition that the climate emergency and changing economy demands. It’s time to step up. Find out more »

The Australian Greens will stand up for a fairer Australia, where everyone can get world-class public health care, education and services. 

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The Greens have a plan to keep our city cool and beautiful with a protected network of Urban Forests. Find out more »

Transit City will provide all residents and visitors, including those in the outer suburbs, with the opportunity to go from anywhere to anywhere efficiently and conveniently.Find out more »

Ever wondered how we will accommodate Perth’s anticipated population growth, without destroying our suburbs, heritage treasures, green spaces and character we love, while putting the brakes on Perth’s urban sprawl? Find out more »

The Greens latest project #DesignPerth is a collaboration between Property Council, CODA and CUSP that showcases what could be possible here in Perth with world class urban design and looks at the true cost of urban sprawl.  Find out more »

In 2013, the Greens' announced BikeVision 2029 - a plan to make Perth one of the world's best city for cyclists. Find out more »

Healthy rural and regional communities are essential for our food security, economy and cultural identity. The Greens have a vision for a prosperous regional WA that offers high quality services, and clean, green agricultural products. Find out more »

Imagine if we put people first. Imagine if we invested in a world class public transport system. Imagine if... Find out more »

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