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We're Standing Up for What Matters

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Our stories

Lisa Maza

“Climate change has already been affecting the Torres Strait for some time, particularly Saibai Island and other low-lying islands. The water is rising as the global temperature increases.”


"Horrifically, our tax dollars actually subsidise the native forest logging industry."

Chloe and Naomi

Plenty of other countries have taken the step, but Australia is dragging its heels. It's time we made things equal.


“We used to be able to plant our crops by a certain date every year, but the unpredictability of the climate means we just can’t do that any more. ”


"I think that hospitals are important because they help people to be healthy, and you have to be healthy to live a happy and nice life!"

Alli and Livian

“Being a single mum of a child with a disability is a massive challenge, and running my own business as well as looking after my daughter can be more than a handful at times.”


“Politicians are using refugees as a political football rather than treating them as people and trying to figure out how we can help them.”

Rosalie Gorton-Lee

“What matters the most to me is knowing that we are going to do something about climate change because of my granddaughters.”


“The Greens recognised that the health of the environment is fundamental to our economic interests today and in the future.”


...there's more we can do to move towards a more sustainable future.


“Every day, I deal with the impacts of poor environmental decisions made decades ago. These problems are very difficult and expensive to fix, and take a long time to clean up.”


"It’s essential that we address structural inequalities so all people have access to healthcare and access to education."

Our Flagship Campaigns

Refugee Children

Closing the camps and creating a safe way for people to seek asylum in Australia

Hardy Reef

Clean energy. Clean water. A Healthy Reef.

Scientist in a lab

The Greens will redirect the $12 billion currently subsidising the fossil fuel industries of the past to the jobs growth areas of the future.

Image of solar panels and wind turbines on a sunny day

Our plan to create Australia’s new clean economy with at least 90% renewables by 2030.

About 25 per cent of people will vote early — that means we have even less time to get our Greens message to them before they get to the ballot box.

If we’re going to reach those voters, we need to get our TV ad on air as soon as possible.

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These days, every one is on their phones, even when they're watching TV. Imagine if we could reach every undecided voter while they're cruising Facebook, even while they're in line to vote.

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