The Australian Greens are the only party with real policies for young people.

For Australia to make the most of its future, it has to be built on new ideas and the endless potential of the next generation. The Greens are the only party putting forward new ideas to solve old problems and provide new opportunities.

The Greens have taken a stand against cuts to the education, health and social services that young people need. We have legislation before Parliament to increase Youth Allowance and have strongly opposed cuts to housing and homelessness services, which can often impact young people the most.

The Greens have championed programs like Denticare and are committed to protecting programs to target bullying and ensure our schools and communities are safe and supportive environments that give younger Australians every opportunity they deserve.

We are protecting Medicare and are working hard to deliver a new approach to illicit drugs, which ensures people can access the support and treatment they need.

We have also led the Parliamentary campaign to remove hurdles for young LGBTI people by working to deliver marriage equality and funding more services for young LGBTI people in rural and regional Australia.

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