End cosmetic animal testing

Support our ban on cosmetic animal testing

The Greens believe that no animal should suffer unnecessarily. Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has introduced legislation to end animal cruelty in cosmetics in Australia.

Every year hundreds of thousands of mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and other animals in laboratories around the world are burnt, blinded, poisoned and killed in unnecessary cosmetic tests. While we believe that no animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients happens in Australia, we are not entirely certain as it is not against the law to do so. Many imported cosmetic brands which have been tested on animals are however still sold in Australian supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores.

Sign this petition to show your support for The Greens legislation that will:

  • ban the testing and sale of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients that have been tested on Animals in Australia
  • ban the import and sale of cosmetic products tested on animals.