Standing up for what matters

Australia needs the Australian Greens in Parliament. We are a party with a philosophy we stand by, a party with its eyes fixed firmly on caring for people and the environment as we meet the 21st century challenges. No one should be left behind as we embrace the environmental, social and economic opportunities in everything from high-speed rail, high-speed broadband, medical technology, solar power, food production, communication, education and technical innovation.

Australian Greens 2013 Election Platform Cover

The Australian Greens will deliver a caring Australia, a safer climate and a proud global reputation. We are the strong, honest party who will stand up to those who protect their own interests to the detriment of the environment and deny everyone else a fair go. It is the Greens who will stand up for what matters.

Download the Greens' Plan for a Better Australia (PDF, 2.2Mb) to read more about how we'll achieve a healthy environment, a caring society and a clean economy.