Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program

The Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program (APPDP) was established by the Federal Government in 2005. Its purpose is to fund major political parties to promote democracy in the Asia Pacific region.

The Australian Greens program is administered by the party’s International Development Committee.

With a strong focus on gender equality, the program aims to:

  • Support networking and training opportunities for Asia Pacific Green parties
  • Strengthen capacity of the Asia Pacific Greens Network to build capacity and professionalism of Green parties
  • Assist the development and consolidation of emerging parties and strategic research

Want to know more?

Information on our programs is available on the AusAID web site.

Alternatively, please contact our Project Manager if you have questions about a specific application.

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APGN Congress coming up in 2014

The next Asia Pacific Congress will be in Cebu, Philippines on 14-16 March 2014.

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