List of donors to the Australian Greens

In line with the Australian Greens internal policy on donations, this donor list includes all those who have made a cumulative total of donations of $1500 or more during the twelve months up to the end of the last quarter.

This practice differs from the reporting requirements of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) which, for the 2015/2016 financial year, requires disclosure of individual donations of $13,000 or more and those donations received between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016 will not be reported publicly until February 2017. You can read more here on the AEC's disclosure requirements.

Name State Amount
Alan Rees Tas 3,100
Alex Hyndman WA 1,500
Alice Benson Vic 2,200
Amanda Lopez NSW 2,000
Andrea Babon Vic 5,000
Andrew Mutton NSW 2,350
Ann Mcgregor Vic 1,500
Anna Hackett SA 100,000
Anne Udy NSW 2,000
Annie Duncan Vic 1,500
Barry Brannan Vic 2,500
Blaz Segavac ACT 1,500
Cecily Dignan NSW 49,665
Chris Moseley NSW 1,500
Christina Hill Vic 5,000
Christopher Holmes Vic 2,375
Clyde Muirden Qld 2,100
David Mills NSW 1,500
David Gibson ACT 6,200
Dirk Baltzly Tas 1,710
Duncan Turpie Qld 150,000
Eloise Carr Tas 4,500
Estate Of The Late Peter And Patricia Shaw 10,000
Frederick Hunt Qld 12,000
Gary Warden WA 1,500
Geoffrey Bradshaw Tas 1,500
Graham Ludlam WA 1,500
Greg Bourne NSW 1,500
Harley Lacy WA 1,700
Ian Wanless Vic 1,500
James Chittleborough SA 1,500
James Rose Tas 5,100
Jo Loader Qld 1,500
Joel Dignam ACT 2,010
John Dravnieks WA 1,500
John Hodges NSW 2,500
John Guy SA 1,850
Jolin Trevelyan WA 1,650
Joseph Bartlett WA 1,500
Judith Hugo WA 2,000
Justin Kerr WA 1,750
Karen Medbury ACT 1,500
Karina Kelly NSW 1,500
Kathleen Powrie NSW 1,800
Katrina Holmes à Court Vic 5,000
Ken Rumsby NSW 1,525
Kenneth Hart Tas 1,500
Lance Banister-jones WA 2,000
Lawrence Choate NSW 1,500
Leonard Warren WA 2,290
Linda And Nick Walter Vic 2,000
Louise Crossley 138,000
Luc Favre Vic 5,300
Mandy Webb NT 7,830
Mark Newton Vic 2,000
Mary Ellen Macdonald WA 2,500
Michael Alpers Deborah Lehmann WA 3,000
Michael Burns Vic 1,500
Michael De Vere NSW 2,000
Michael Fox Tas 1,650
Michael Hassett Vic 2,300
Michael Ord NSW 2,000
Minax Uriel Pl David Rothfield Vic 3,750
Charles Watson WA 1,550
Musnarti Dickinson Qld 2,130
Neil Cameron Vic 1,950
Neil Gunningham NSW 2,000
Nicholas Butta Qld 2,500
Paul Magarey ACT 1,500
Paul Westcott Vic 1,500
Peter Gerrand Vic 2,326
Peter Mcnamara Vic 2,000
Peter Schaeffer NSW 2,050
Peter Selby Smith Vic 1,500
Phuong Le NSW 1,500
Renee Hiller WA 1,500
Richard Stiles NSW 3,499
Robin Endersbee Vic 10,000
Robin Godfrey Tas 1,500
Roger King WA 10,000
Sharnie Wu NSW 11,499
Simon Holmes à Court Vic 5,000
Sophie Van Rooyen Vic 1,525
Stephanie Chinneck NSW 1,500
Steven Glass NSW 1,500
Thomas Polacheck Tas 1,500
Tony Lovell Qld 3,000

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