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Robin Chapple

MLC for the Mining and Pastoral Region

Robin Chapple was first elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council on February 10, 2001. He is the first member of The Greens (WA) ever elected for the vast Mining and Pastoral Region

Lynn MacLaren

MLC for South Metropolitan

As a Greens WA elected Member of the Legislative Council she represents people in the South Metropolitan Region which stretches south of the Swan River from Victoria Park to Singleton.

Tim Clifford

MLC Elect for East Metropolitan

Tim Clifford is The Greens (WA) MLC Elect for the East Metropolitan region of WA.

Diane Evers

MLC Elect for South West

Diane Evers is The Greens (WA) MLC Elect for the South West region of WA.

Alison Xamon

MLC Elect for North Metropolitan

Alison Xamon is The Greens (WA) MLC Elect for the North Metropolitan region of WA.