Our story

More than 30 years ago, an attempt to dam the Franklin River in Tasmania for a hydroelectricity scheme galvanised a generation of protesters and energised people who would become the leaders of the next major political party of Australia — Bob Brown and Christine Milne.

The story goes back further than that though: the United Tasmania Group was the first “green” party anywhere in the world and first ran candidates in the 1972 election. 

Since then, around the country, Australians have recognised the value of this beautiful country and many more areas that are too precious to lose.

In 1992, the various State Greens parties came together to launch the Australian Greens as a national political party.

Today, the Greens recognise that speaking for the environment is not enough — we also need to speak on behalf of others who are disadvantaged in our society: children, refugees, students, individuals and families living in poverty. 

Although the Australian Greens hold the balance of power in the federal House of Representatives, the federal Senate, the Tasmanian Legislative Assembly and the ACT Legislative Assembly and have many other Greens MPs and councillors around the country, we will always remember that our beginning is a story of people just like you, people who stood up and said “we care about this river and we will act to save it.”