Finance & Trade

Accountable and transparent financial management for all Australians, not only a few

It is often very difficult to find clear information about how the Government has, or intends to spend money. Particularly at election time, many grand and expensive promises are made, yet frequently the money is not ultimately spent, or the opposite, many commitments turn out to be much more expensive than claimed. The Greens are determined to hold the Government to account and are working to ensure that budget information is reported in a way that makes it simple for everybody to find detailed information about what has been promised and how much has been spent. 

In addition the Greens will continue to scrutinise the Department of Finance and Deregulation's management of the Australian Government’s non-defence domestic property portfolio and key asset sales.

The Greens believe that fair trade, not just free trade, is essential. Australia’s trade agreements must be multilateral, reviewable by Parliament and include clauses on the observance of human rights and labour laws, health and safety and environmental standards, to ensure that trade is not conducted at the expense of a more just and sustainable world.

The Greens want Australia to play a positive role in ensuring that trade agreements contribute towards global poverty alleviation goals, and provide genuine opportunities and equity for less developed nations.

Our priority is to ensure any trade agreements Australia enters into do not undermine our public health systems, intellectual property or cultural expression, or increase the rights and market domination of corporations at the expense of our civil society and environment.

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