• Time to abandon failed VET marketisation policy


    Coalition must now abandon failed VET marketisation policy

    Sam Hibbins, Greens spokesperson for TAFE & Training says it is time to stop forcing TAFE institutes to compete against private operators for government funding.

    “TAFEs, particularly in rural areas, have been hit hard by the policies of the former Labor and Coalition Governments,” Mr Hibbins said.

  • Dying with Dignity referral to Victorian Law Reform Commission

    Debate of the Greens motion to refer ‘Dying with Dignity’ to the Victorian Law Reform Commission will continue in the next parliamentary sitting week.

    Greens health spokesperson Colleen Hartland is heartened by the numbers of MPs from all parties indicating that they will support the motion.

    Ms Hartland thanks members of the community who have taken the time to express support over recent weeks.

  • Greens comment on East West Link payout

    Victorian Greens Melbourne MP Ellen Sandell says now the East West Link saga has been resolved it is time to start constructing a world class public transport system.

    “If Labor had listened to the Greens and taken a stand against the road much earlier, these compensation costs would have been avoided,” Ms Sandell said.

    “However, the most important thing is the road does not get built and we now invest in public transport alternatives like Doncaster Rail.


    Greens Transport Spokesperson Samantha Dunn has expressed concerns about the proposed Transdev bus network changes.

    “I am very concerned the Transdev proposed bus network changes are robbing Peter to pay Paul," Ms Dunn said.

    “There is a big risk that Transdev will try to use its network power to persuade the Government into accepting a withdrawal of services without adequate consultation as we’ve seen in the past.”