• Still no charges laid for illegal shooting of protected birds and non-duck species

    Victorian Greens Animal Welfare spokesperson Sue Pennicuik MLC is again calling on the government to protect our native water birds and ban duck shooting after publication of the report on illegal shooting at Box Flat in 2013.
    On the opening morning of the 2013 duck shooting season, approximately 2,000 birds, including rare and threatened species, were massacred by around 150 shooters at the Box Flat private wetland near Boort.

  • Victoria must toughen up political donation laws

    Victorian Greens acting leader Sam Hibbins says Victoria needs to toughen up donation laws to restore public confidence in political processes.

    "Victoria's weak political donation laws are an invitation to those wanting to buy influence, including criminals,” Mr Hibbins said.

     "Both Liberal and Labor are missing in action when it comes to political donations reform.

     “We still don’t know who bankrolled the 2014 election and won’t until the AEC reports are released in February 2016.

  • Vicforests immune from prosecution

    Greens spokesperson for forests Samantha Dunn MP says,"the Labor government has confirmed that it is "actively considering" the extension of a law that allows Vicforests to engage in anti-competitive conduct."

    "This immunity allows Vicforests to set a price for native forest logs that is designed to undercut the commercial plantation sector."

    "Vicforests appears to be the only Victorian company that has a green light to do things that would otherwise attract criminal liability."

  • Minimum passing distances for cyclists needed now

    Greens transport spokesperson Samantha Dunn says the Vicroads report on cycling safety shows overwhelming support for minimum overtaking distances.

    "We note that the majority of the 10,444 participants want a one metre distance rule implemented, to make it clear that drivers are entitled to move around cyclists on the road,” Ms Dunn said.

    "An overwhelming 92.8% of riders and 68.9% of drivers want the new distance rule implemented.