• VicForests should be shut down

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says the state-owned logging company VicForests latest annual report shows it is a commercial failure and should be shut down.

    "VicForests have lost twenty per cent of their revenue in just four years. In the next financial year, we will see the effects of the loss of a huge woodchip customer, South East Fibre Exports. But they tell us the future is bright. These people are in la la land,” Mr Barber said.

  • Govt has dropped the ball on landcare

    Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber says a new report by the Auditor General shows the state government has dropped the ball on landcare.

    "The report finds there is no plan or even a target to restore our rural landscapes. There's very little information about the state of the catchments, but what there is suggests they are in decline," Mr Barber said.

    "Protecting, let alone improving, the environment is not a priority for this government. It's no surprise this report shows neglect and decline.

  • Greens announce plan to keep women and children safe

    The Victorian Greens today announced their election commitment to keep women and children safe with a new Victorian Family Violence Action Plan, matched with $100 million in new annual funding to deliver more prevention programs, more crisis support services and better safety and support within the justice system. 

  • Greens on track to win Prahran

    Greens candidate for Prahran Sam Hibbins is celebrating over 5,000 doors knocked so far in his campaign to win the seat of Prahran.

    “I'm pleased to announce we have knocked on 5,033 doors so far in our campaign, with many more to do”

    “That means we are on track to win the seat of Prahran with over 5,000 residents have either spoken to myself, a supporter or received a hand written message.”

    “With 145 supporters having volunteered their time to help, its clear the Greens are running the biggest grassroots, people powered campaign of all the parties in Prahran”


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