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Our Vision

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Your voice is vital — support our efforts on climate, people seeking asylum, and more. We're working to make our vision a reality. Read more »

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The Greens policies are co-created by our members and form the basis of all our parliamentary work. Read more »

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The Greens have campaigned for Senate reform for more than a decade. We believe that the Senate should be controlled by the voters. Read more »

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The Greens will transform Australia's energy system from one of the dirtiest energy systems in the world to one of the cleanest. Read more »  


Candidate for City of Casey, River Gum Ward

Candidate for Frankston, South Ward

Candidate for Mildura Rural City Council

Councillor for Mount Alexander Shire, Castlemaine Ward

Candidate for Melbourne City Council

Candidate for Port Phillip, Gateway Ward

Candidate for Port Phillip, Canal Ward

Councillor for Yarra, Langridge Ward

Our People

We are here to be your voice, and to stand up for what matters. Read more »

Our Party

Find out more about the Victorian Greens - our history, officebearers, and vision. See more »

Our Volunteers

We are building our largest ever campaigns this year, and we'll need your help. Get involved »

Find your local candidates for the upcoming local council elections. Meet the candidates »