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The Greens will deliver a new Environment Act and new independent National Environment Protection Authority, and real funding for nature. 

Man taking photo of graffiti

For a vibrant and independent Australian arts community

A turtle swimming in the Great Barrier Reef

Our Reef is under serious threat. It's time for action - not talk. We will keep the Great Barrier Reef and the many jobs it supports on the political agenda.


A safe passing distance means we can all share the road. A new Greens law in Victoria will make sure ‘A Metre Matters’.

We will protect Victoria's trees, clean water and endangered animals.

We'll create a new national park on Melbourne’s doorstep to end native forest destruction and protect the Leadbeater's Possum. 

We've long campaigned for the abolition of puppy farms in Victoria. It's time to put a stop to this cruel industry.

Victoria's Clean Energy Future

In Victoria, we can lead the way to a clean energy future powered by sustainable, green energy.

A new national Biosecurity Authority would protect us from pests and diseases in a world facing climate change.

Dentist Tools

Millions of Australians are unable to afford proper dental care. The Greens Denticare plan will ensure dental care for all Australians.

People in small businesses are the heart of the economy but disadvantaged compared with big business. Our plan will ease the pressure on small business.

Only the Greens have a vision and a plan to build a clean, efficient, transport future with high speed rail.

The Greens care about people – that’s why we want to protect human rights and introduce stronger legal protections for all Australians.