• Women's pay is still lower than men's but why? It's a combination of factors including industry, persistence in negotiation and a culture of secrecy.

  • Women’s rights, gender equality and representation are issues that we all as Greens feel passionately about. Yet sometimes it can all be taken for granted. This is why at our recent state conference formed a Tasmanian Women's Committee.

  • Of all the things we were expecting to see from Abbott’s Australia over the term of that Government, we can safely say we were absolutely not expecting Gestapo wandering the streets of one of our major cities, demanding papers from foreigners. And yet, that’s nearly what happened recently. 

  • We're heartened to bring you a new column about the state of refugee health in Australia. This is an issue that's important to all of us — how are we doing as a society in taking care of each other when we're ill?


Vanessa Rauland for Canning

The by-election for the House of Representatives seat of Canning in Western Australia has been called for 19 September and it has become a major focus of Greens’ activity as well as the focus of more general national political attention.


A child receiving a vaccination

Our priorities abroad are starkly shown by the budget figures. Defence spending, at $26.3 billion for 2015-16, is over six times our foreign aid expenditure of just $4 billion.

Contrary to the belief commonly expressed by some politicians and sections of the media, the 'experiment' in self-determination for Aboriginal people did not fail. Rather, it never existed. 


A significant structural shift is underway in our economy. Global demand for coal is in terminal decline and with it, thousands of jobs and a debilitating clean-up bill for cash-strapped State governments. It is our responsibility to have a plan to look after these workers and our land.

Richard will be speaking at the National Press Club tomorrow (Wednesday, September 30th) about our economy and community #AfterCoal. You can tune in on ABC24 from 12:00pm.


As the first warm days of spring arrived, Greens from across Victoria gathered in Melbourne for our annual State Conference. Gone are the days when we worried about scraping together quorum: with a record number of members in attendance our biggest concern was fitting everyone in. 

For years, the Greens have relied on elections to build momentum — but the ACT Greens may have cracked the code to changing that.



Are you interested in participating in the Asia Pacific Greens Australian Study Tour for 2016? It's all about sharing what we've learned and learning from others in our great green network.

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