• Lots of exciting events on the horizon with the European elections on their way and the inaugural Global Greens fundraiser just around the corner.
  • Get involved with the constitutional review, buy a Keep Cup or a T-shirt at our online shop and check out the latest news from our Federal MPs.
  • This month: opportunities in the office of Senator-Elect Janet Rice, including Senior Adviser and Campaigner, Communications Advisor, Campaigner and Office and Community Liaison. And an opportunity for volunteers to work as content curators on our members' website, The Greenhouse.
  • We can’t afford ‘two steps forward, one step back’ on global warming. With Australia’s historic price on pollution at risk there is no time for campaign fatigue, writes Greens Leader Christine Milne.


With over 10,000 members and many more supporters of the Greens, what do we really know about these two groups and why does it matter? In this article, Dr Stewart Jackson compares the profile and political activity of Australian Greens party members and supporters.
While community organising is not a n ew approach to achieving social change, it is becoming an increasingly important tool for advocacy and campaigns across Australia, writes Holly Hammond


With a theme of ‘Organising to Win’, the Victorian Young Greens hosted the Australian Young Green National Conference with a strong focus on building the campaigning and organising skills of delegates writes James Searle .
The mainstream media told us that it was a lucky fluke that Adam Bandt won the seat of Melbourne a second time. But as Sam La Rocca explains, this win was no accident.


One weekend. Two state elections, with such contrasting results. A WA Senate by-election in progress. Marches in March across the country. It's all happening!


Greetings from the wild west: the WA by-election campaign is well and truly on, and what a massive effort it is. The tortuous path from appeals to recounts, weeks of scrutineering and months of waiting – and a trip to the High Court - are now well and truly in the past.