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Welcome to the Australian Greens Policy hub. The full policy platform (below) was last reviewed in November 2012. At the bottom of the page are initiatives from the 2013 Federal Election and you can also read our full election platform document for more information. State Greens websites may also have State based policies

2013 Election initiatives

Standing up for what matters

Read our full election platform document.

  • The Greens stand for sustainable futures for regions and farmers.

  • Our environment is too precious to lose. Only the Greens will stand up to the mining industry.

  • Only the Greens have the guts to stand up to billionaire companies so we can manage our economy in a way that cares for people and the environment.

  • Our health is important — physical, mental, dental. All Australians deserve access to quality health care, not just the rich.

  • The Greens want to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia and to recognise same-sex marriages from overseas.

  • A plan to address the housing affordability crisis.

  • Australia’s education system is under pressure. We need a new approach.

  • A caring society protects people and their families from falling into poverty.

  • Only the Greens are a voice for compassion in this debate.

  • The Greens have a plan to stand strong for a 100% renewable Australia.

  • The Greens choose a healthy, sustainable and fair food system for Australia, and we’ve written a roadmap for how we’ll get there.

  • The Greens are committed to achieving Constitutional Recognition and equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, from closing the gap in essential services to supporting work and art on country.

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