• Questions to Answer over AFL Sponsorship Deal

    Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

    The Premier needs to explain to Tasmanians whether he sought advice from the tourism industry on the best brand marketing spend to promote Tasmania in light of the $20 million Hawthorn sponsorship deal.

    It is now clear that almost half the $20million deal is the sponsorship component, which effectively pays to have the word 'Tasmania' printed on a footy jumper.

  • Hodgman Liberals Back Football Over Public Services

    Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

    The Liberals in government are prioritising football over providing essential public services to Tasmanians.

     After crying poor as an excuse to slash funding to public health and education they are pouring almost $20 million taxpayer dollars into a wealthy football club.

     Tasmania can and should be attracting AFL games without this massive corporate sponsorship at a time when public services are being hammered by the Liberals.

  • Extra $4m Lost During 2014-15 Financial Year on Pokies

    Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Racing & Gaming spokesperson

    Tasmanians lost almost $194m in the 2014-15 financial year, which equates to nearly $4m more than the previous financial year.


    And this is despite the number of machines around State dropping by 39, and the number of venues, including casinos, reduced to 97 statewide.


    ur population is facing even further hardship, and with heartless reforms and job losses en masse under this government, the strain being put on some households must be at breaking point.
  • Vale Dr Louise Crossley

    Christine Milne and Bob Brown are saddened to announce the passing yesterday of Dr Louise Crossley.

    Christine Milne said, “Louise Crossley led a remarkable life full of high achievement driven by her curiosity, exploration and passion for the natural world and the people around her.

    “She was a leader, a great traveller, and a person who made things happen, from her days at the Powerhouse Museum to the Commission for the Future, to the Antarctic Division, and more recently her work to help establish the Australian and Global Greens.

The Greens provide a real alternative to the tired, cynical politics of Labor and the Liberal party. Unlike the two old parties, The Greens have a proud (and Tasmanian) history of standing up for what is right, not just what is easy or what polls well.

The Greens are much more than an environmental party. While promoting meaningful and common-sense solutions to ensure future generations of Australians have clean air, clean water and clean soil, The Greens are also working in many other areas to champion integrity, decency and fairness.

As well as representing constituents, The Greens speak on behalf of those who wouldn’t otherwise get much of a say inside parliament: children, refugees, students, individuals and families living in poverty and, of course, our natural environment.

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