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Anna Reynolds

Senate Candidate for Tasmania

It’s the prospect to create - and protect – progressive change that motivates me to run for election. We will only solve the big challenges ahead of us if we have strong, democratically elected, Green thinking representatives in parliaments all over the world.

Peter Whish-Wilson

Senator for Tasmania

Peter Whish-Wilson made the transition from being a community leader in the campaign to stop the Tamar Valley pulp mill to Greens Senator for Tasmania in 2012 when he replaced Bob Brown in the Senate. He was reelected at the 2013 election.

Nick McKim

Senator for Tasmania

Nick is a staunch and proud Tasmanian, and an unapologetic defender of the things that make his home state different from the rest of the world.

Terrill Riley Gibson

Candidate for Bass

I was born into a rural family of many generations of proud Tasmanians. I make no apologies for being a passionate 'can-do' change agent seeking a better world.

Scott Jordan Profile

Candidate for Braddon

Scott has a proven record of standing up for what matters. He has shown that he has the courage to hold the line, even when the odds are against him. He has the integrity, and the tenacity, to successfully represent Braddon’s interests in Canberra.

Jen Brown

Candidate for Denison

Born and bred in Tasmania, I’m a young mother of two who is passionate about our environment and country. I know we can keep the things we love and principles we hold dear – but we can’t take them for granted. I’m deeply honoured to represent the Greens, because we have the courage and vision to take action on the things that matter.

Martine Delaney

Candidate for Franklin

This short piece won't allow me the room to list all those areas we need to change about our country. But, for me, that's what it's about - change. I believe we, together, must be that Change.

Hannah Rubenach Profile

Candidate for Lyons

My rural upbringing, home-schooled education and Christian beliefs have informed and strengthened my desire to serve my community and strive for a cleaner, clever and more creative Tasmania.