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  • Bill Harvey

    Alderman, Hobart City Council, candidate for Deputy Lord Mayor and Alderman

    Bill has been an Alderman on Hobart City Council since 2007 and is currently the Chair of Community Development and Public Art Committees.

    Authorised by Bill Harvey 148 Davey St Hobart.

  • Philip Cocker

    Philip Cocker

    Alderman, Hobart City Council, candidate for Lord Mayor and Alderman

    Philip Cocker is a Hobart City Council Alderman who Chairs the Council’s Finance, Audit and Superannuation Committees. He has run small businesses and worked in Law Enforcement.  

  • Helen Burnet

    Helen Burnet

    Alderman, Hobart City Council, candidate for Lord Mayor and Alderman

    Helen is a committed advocate for social justice and our built and natural environment. Since being elected to Hobart City Council in 2005, she has championed a broad range of social and environmental issues affecting the Tasmanian community, including people-focussed urban design, regional planning, care of waterways, heritage and the arts.

  • Penelope Ann

    Penelope Ann

    Candidate for Alderman, Clarence City Council

    Experienced in Education, the Arts, Small Business and Tourism, I will help Tasmania transition into the new economy.

  • Simon Burnett

    Candidate for Alderman, Hobart City Council

    I grew up in Bellerive and Howrah and joined the Greens after living and travelling overseas. I witnessed for myself the effect on societies of extreme environmental damage and a nonexistent social safety net. These are the issues which the Greens are working to protect Australia from.

  • Rachel Andrew

    Candidate for Alderman, Hobart City Council

    Rachel is running for council to ensure the continuation of Hobart's enviable lifestyle. She strongly supports a healthy and safe city, artists and small business, believing in economic dynamism through diversity and social inclusion.

  • Ian Mackintosh

    Candidate for Councillor, Huon Valley Council

  • Richard Atkinson

    Candidate for Councillor, Kingborough Council

    I'm running for Kingborough Council because I want to represent the diverse people who live in Kingborough and help support our many different communities. I'm passionate about social justice and sustainability.

  • Rosalie Woodruff

    Rosalie Woodruff

    Councillor, Huon Valley Council, Candidate for Councillor

    Dr Rosalie Woodruff is an epidemiologist and a Greens councillor on the Huon Valley Council. Her previous career focussed on the health impacts of climate change. She has worked for many years in the health sector and in developing community housing options.