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Scott Jordan

Candidate for Braddon

Scott is a passionate Tasmanian.

Fraser Brindley

Candidate for Lyons

Tasmania's future can and should be a clean, green future. Others might say this, but I understand it and I mean it.

Andrea Dawkins

MP for Bass

I was born and grew up in Launceston and returned to raise my two small girls in an environment that I know and love.

Cassy O'Connor

MP for Denison

Since being elected in 2008, I've been a passionate voice for people with disabilities, refugees, children and marginalized Tasmanians..

Rosalie Woodruff

MP for Franklin

Tasmania is special in the world. I represent the people of Franklin who love the beauty of our bush and coast, and the warmth and strength of our communities.

Emma Anglesey

Candidate for Bass - 2

I am a musician who has worked as an environmental consultant and campaigner for over 10-years.

Candidate for Bass - 3, Alderman for Launceston City Council

Emma is an alderman with the City of Launceston. She brings to this role a background in natural resource management (NRM) and environmental assessment, and experience in community development.

Tom Hall

Candidate for Bass - 4

I’m an anaesthetist and I’m standing for The Greens to try to help steer Tasmania onto the right track for the future.

James Ireland

Candidate for Bass - 5

I really enjoy seeing the positive response when I explain the Greens values and policies that I am committed to.

Sally OWheel

Candidate for Braddon - 2

I’m standing for the Greens because people and the environment are what matters and the Greens stand for that.

Tom Kingston

Candidate for Braddon - 3

I have been fighting for our planet for many, many years.

Julie Norbury

Candidate for Braddon - 4

I have come to believe that our beautiful pristine state can continue to lead the world into this future.

Philp Nicholas

Candidate for Braddon - 5

I decided to run for The Greens because I see great potential in new green industries and jobs for the North West.

Helen Burnet

Candidate for Denison - 2, Alderman for City of Hobart

I want to listen to your concerns and ensure the best decisions are made for Denison.

Mel Fitzpatrick

Candidate for Denison - 3

As a climate scientist and educator, I am passionate about creating a vision for Tasmania’s future.

Aaron Benham

Candidate for Denison - 4

I’m standing with the Greens to be part of positive changes.

Candidate for Denison - 5

As a former teacher, and a mother of three, I see that education is a vital tool in the development of future generations.

Richard Atkinson

Candidate for Franklin - 2, Kingborough Councillor

Richard was elected to the Kingborough Council in October 2014. He is working to promote sound financial management, environmental protection, climate-change response, integrated transport, social inclusion and community development.

Holly Ewin

Candidate for Franklin - 3

I've been a small business owner-operator for five years and study political and social science full time at UTAS.

Ross Lincolne

Candidate for Franklin - 4

As a scientist I'm concerned that climate, energy and environmental issues impacting our world.

Lachlan Hatfield

Candidate for Franklin - 5

I'm running because all Tasmania deserves a fair go and I believe that the youth is under represented in state politics.

Helen Hutchinson

Candidate for Lyons - 2

The Greens are the only political party which has embraced the necessity for real action on climate change!

Candidate for Lyons - 3

I am an artist and previously a prominent community activist with Pulp the Mill.

Gary Whisson

Candidate for Lyons - 4

I am standing for the Tasmanian Greens to give back to the community. Only the Greens have a long-term vision for Tasmania that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Candidate for Lyons - 5

In Lyons, its very possible to have a wealthy economy, great social wellbeing and a well protected environment, but we have to involve and respect all stakeholders to get it right.