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Billee McGinley for Nightcliff

Billee McGinley

My name is Billee and I am running in the NT election, for the seat of Nightcliff.

I moved to the NT in 2001 and have seen government after government supporting industries that exploit our land and water. As a scientist, this environmental mismanagement has inspired me to take action. There are some incredible opportunities here in the NT for us to build a renewable economy, where fracking has no place.

I’ve always found young people to be inspirational, and now, being a parent to a beautiful 3 year-old, I am doing everything in my power to secure a safe, fair and just future for her generation.

Our plan to ban fracking


Shale gas FRACKING is an NT threat that poses global climate impact, and federal responsibilities.

Last year, the Morrison Liberal Government withheld GST funding until the fracking moratrium was lifted.

This year, the Shorten Labor Opposition pledged to waste $1.5 billion of public funds to build gas pipelines that will fast-track fracking the NT.

The Greens want a total, permanent ban on fracking.

Read our summary, and the complete Australian Greens policy on fracking.

Also see our statement about water.

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boundless pollution  


Boundless possible, or boundless pollution?

Timothy Paris, Greens for Solomon

Last month, Bill Shorten announced $1.5 billion from the North Australia Infrastructure Fund for gas pipelines to open up the Beetaloo Basin. $1.5 billion is a lot of money and that much investment would kickstart any industry. What if, instead of propping up the mining industry we were to invest that $1.5 billion into solar energy infrastructure and create a renewable energy powerhouse; exporting energy to Australia and the world.


policy highlights

first nations column

first nations policy

“CDP is indentured slavery and should be abolished” - George Hanna, Greens for Lingiari.

We want a return to the CDEP model of wages, not welfare.

cleanup politics

Cleanup politics

Both the big old parties in NT take oil and gas donations.

Lets strengthen our democracy so that it works for everyone.

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