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It's an election year in the Northern Territory! There has never been a more important time to join the progressive Green movement in the NT.

We are facing some enormous battles: fracking in the NT, ongoing incarceration of children, a housing crisis, a cost of living crisis, expansion of the gas industry through Middle Arm at Darwin Harbour and buffel grass continuing to wreak havoc in the Red Centre.

But there is hope! The NT Greens have been building and preparing for this election, and we are ready to win our first seat in the NT Legislative Assembly. This will give a voice and power to the progressive movement in the NT. Join us and play your part in this movement to protect the future of the NT!

Our 2024 candidates

Meet Suki

Candidate for Fannie Bay

Meet Asta

Candidate for Braitling

Meet Peltherre

Candidate for Araluen

Meet Kat

Candidate for Nightcliff


Do you believe in a fairer, more inclusive, and greener Australia? Volunteer with us today and together we can make it a reality.

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Unlike Labor and the Coalition, we don’t have the deep pockets of big business.

We have something far more powerful: you.

Our plan to ban fracking


Shale gas FRACKING is a threat to the NT that risks global climate impacts and ignores federal responsibilities

In 2018, the Morrison Liberal Government withheld GST funding from the Northern Territory until the fracking moratorium was lifted. The Gunner Labor government in the NT gave in to this blackmail.

Now, in the name of Covid-19 economic recovery, fossil fuel lobbyists and Morrison government bullies are pressuring the NT government to remove regulatory protections for the environment and communities. Given its track record, there is a very real chance the NT government will give in to this pressure too.

The Greens want an immediate, total, permanent ban on fracking.

policy highlights

First Nations Policies

The Greens plan to develop a Treaty and begin the process of truth-telling and healing, and protect the rights of First Nations people and cultures

Clean up politics

Both the major parties take millions in donations from coal, oil and gas corporations, slowing down climate action. Let's stop then subsidies

Tackling the cost of living

Providing the services we all need to live a better life; from dental and mental health in Medicare, affordable housing, to wiping student debt.

NT Greens Policies : 2024

NT Greens Policies : 2020