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Our Vision

The Greens stand up for what matters: our precious environment, a confident Australia, equality and compassion

New Economy

The Greens are committed to renewing our economy from one that relies on the declining industries of the past to one that provides the jobs and opportunities of the future.

Global Warming

The world has embraced clean energy. It’s time for Australia to catch up and transition to a 21st century clean energy powered future. The Greens have a plan to seize the opportunities clean energy offers us.

A Better Way

The Greens believe that we should treat people seeking asylum the way we would want to be treated. We need to create a safer way for people seeking safety.

Our Policies

The Greens policies are co-created by our members and form the basis of all our parliamentary work.

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We're proud of our 10 federal MPs who show their commitment and courage every day.

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Close the Camps

We will keep fighting until every single person detained on Manus and Nauru is brought to freedom.

Legalise It

Let’s get real about cannabis. The war on drugs has failed. The reality is that Australians choose to use cannabis. Let's just legalise it.

Stop Adani

Labor are so close to backflipping, we need to finish this campaign strong. Then we need to use the momentum to stop new coal for good.

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