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While rents & mortgages go through the roof

They're making record profits

While you’re working harder, 1 in 3 big corporations pay no tax. They're making record profits by charging you more. And Labor and the Liberals take millions in donations from big corporations.

We can’t keep supporting the same two parties and expecting a different result.

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Fighting for you


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Our campaign is powered by people like you. Labor and the Liberals are funded by big corporations including coal & gas corporations, and property developers. The Greens are not. We have something more powerful – people.

We're fighting for you

Under Labor and the Liberals, 1 in 3 big corporations pay no tax.

We’ll tax them, end corporate price gouging and fund the things everyone needs.

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Our big wins on the streets and in Parliament have been led by our amazing volunteers from coast to coast. But for us to succeed, we're going to need everyone to get involved. We need people like you to help us.
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