Help elect Greens in the NT

Volunteer for the Greens
We want to make sure our party is a safe and supportive environment and that it is reflective of the community we live in. 

The NT urgently needs a political alternative. This land, water and climate are under attack - and First Nations people are bearing the brunt.

We can build a powerful alternative by building the Green vote across the Territory, to fight for climate action, safe drinking water for all, and good inclusive public services in our cities and regions.

With just a few hours of your time, you can help build the Green vote across the NT.

Between now and the election, can you host a yard sign, letterbox your neighbourhood, help on a stall with the candidate, or hand out how to vote cards? Let us know what you can do with our handy short form.

The Greens do not take big corporate donations and we rely on the support of our community. Thank you.