NT Greens call on NT Representatives to save Lee Point


The NT Greens are deeply saddened by Minister Plibersek’s decision to condemn Darwin’s precious Binybara/Lee Point to bulldozers. 

The NT Greens acknowledge the incredible courage and persistence of Larrakia Traditional Owners fighting for their cultural heritage to be protected. We celebrate the vibrant community movement to save Lee Point, which demonstrates how precious Lee Point is to so many residents in Darwin. The rich biodiversity of this area, with 265 bird species, a number of endangered species and 400 year old trees must be preserved in the face of a global biodiversity crisis. 

The NT Greens call on NT representatives to start representing their constituents and do everything in their power to save Lee Point.

Quotes Attributable to Suki Dorras-Walker

“The NT Government has failed to  represent its constituents. Either it is unaware of how big and committed the movement to save Lee Point is, or it is refusing to act on the concerns of its constituents. In either case, it shows just how out of touch the NT government is with the people it is meant to be representing.”

“Lee Point, like with fracking, like with Middle Arm, is another case of NT Labor and the CLP pushing developments on Territorians that are absolutely detrimental to our way of life. It shows a reckless disregard towards the wishes of their constituents, including Traditional Owners and a complete inability to look after our water, our environment and our climate.”

“When our representatives tell us that the Lee Point development is addressing the housing crisis in the Territory, they fail to mention that this housing will be unaffordable for low income families, far away from employment opportunities and public transport, and exposed to extreme heat due to complete lack of vegetation. This is absolutely not the housing that Territorians deserve and so desperately need.”


Contact: Suki Dorras-Walker

Email: suki.dw@nt.greens.org.au

Ph: 0410 533 563