Jonathan Parry

Candidate for Fannie Bay

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I care about our community and country’s future, and that’s why I’m running for the Greens in Fannie Bay.

I’ve worked around Australia as a legal aid lawyer, so I know firsthand the complexities of the justice system and what real justice looks like for communities – be it evidence-based strategies for crime prevention or climate action.

Like me, a lot of my friends and colleagues live in the division across Parap, Fannie Bay, Ludmilla, The Gardens, and East Point so community isn’t just an idea – it’s real. As your representative, I will work closely with my local community, on solutions for my community.

Fannie Bay deserves representation that makes long-term, common sense decisions. If elected, I will work to push government for a better, safer, and more just future.

Together, we can send a message and make history in Fannie Bay to:

  • Invest in community safety, with evidence-based strategies for crime prevention;
  • Push Labor to go further on climate to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all Territorians;
  • Deliver good governance, financial responsibility and keep the government honest.
Fannie Bay 2022 HTV square