Beth Warren

Alderman, Clarence City Council

”You deserve a council that makes decisions in your best interests, not those of big developers. You deserve genuine consultation before a decision is made, transparent processes during development assessments, and appropriate development that enhances your recreational areas without locking you out.

I have over 16 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in government. I know how government works at all levels. I know how to build a team to get things done. I will work with you to make decisions that respect the residents and promote the lifestyle we love in Clarence.”

Beth stood for Mayor and Alderman of Clarence because she believes the residents deserve a council that puts their interests first.

Beth has a Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Education, and is an accredited mediator.

She has worked as a teacher, software engineer, trainer, business analyst, project manager, communications director, ministerial adviser and is currently the Assistant Director of Policy and Strategic Projects at Consumer, Building and Occupational Services in the Department of Justice.

She makes decisions based on evidence and has a good understanding of building and planning legislation.

Beth believes that local government is there to make decisions in the best interests of the residents. This means:

  • Genuine community consultation - before decisions are made
  • Transparent processes – what we are doing, and why
  • Protecting our natural environment from coastal erosion, plastic pollution and predictable weather events
  • Sensitive, sympathetic development that enhances our favourite recreational places rather than locking us out
  • Working cooperatively with other councils and State Government to plan the transport infrastructure that we need into the future, including a well-funded and well-integrated public transport network
  • Managing our waste by reducing what we use, and what we put into landfill

Contact Beth

Tasmanian Greens
GPO Box 1132
Hobart TAS 7001

Phone 0438 439 219

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