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The Tasmanian Greens are proud to be powered by people. Our big wins—in our wild places, and in parliament—have been led by our amazing volunteers around Tasmania.

If we’ve learnt one thing, it's that progress happens when people come together.

We need everyone to get involved. We need people like you to help us. 

Working together, we can create a Tasmania where everyone should be treated equally, we protect our environment, take real action on climate change, and we all have access to the services we need to live a good life.

Volunteering is fun and it's easy. Are you ready to build a future for all of us?

We have many different volunteer options and can help find you a role that suits your skills, availability and interests. Take a look at what some of these roles are: 

  • Join a door knocking or phone calling team.
  • Hand out How to Vote cards at pre-poll and on election day. 
  • Putting leaflets in letterboxes.
  • Call donors and new members to say THANK YOU. 
  • Scrutineer the vote counting. 
  • Help put campaign posters up across your electorate or have one up at your home. 
  • Help us with visibility and hold up Greens signs. 
  • Join our Street Chats and speak with people in our community.  
  • Run or help out on a stall in your community. 
  • Help us with data entry. 

To find out which role would suit you, you can fill this form out and our volunteer coordinator will get into contact with you or you can ask questions by contacting - volunteer@tas.greens.org.au