Gideon Cordover

Candidate for Franklin

As we navigate our way out of the pandemic, we still need to face up to major challenges: climate, housing and economic inequality. As a Kingborough Councillor, I know how important it is to protect Tasmania’s unique wildlife and natural places for future generations.

Tasmania’s housing and jobs crisis leaves thousands of families behind, without access to a secure job and a safe place to live. We have an opportunity to revitalise Franklin’s economy by encouraging low-carbon, green jobs that are both good for the workforce and good for the planet.

Franklin needs Greens in Parliament to hold the government to account. On issues like pokies, anti-protest laws and privatising our national parks, the Greens are the real opposition in Tasmania because vested interests and corporate donations have co-opted both the major parties.

I have worked on social justice campaigns my entire adult life. Before becoming a Councillor, I worked for Anglicare Tasmania’s Social Action Research Centre, the Heart Foundation and Dying with Dignity NSW. I have been on the ABC Advisory Council, and I am currently a director of Gymnastics Tasmania.  

We are lucky to live amongst such remarkable and precious natural places. I want to do whatever I can to protect our beautiful island for the future.