Jade Darko

Candidate for Franklin. Councillor for Clarence City Council

The people of Clarence deserve to be genuinely listened to, by a council who act transparently in line with your wishes. We deserve action from council on the housing crisis, more community and green spaces, preventative climate action, and a more walkable, more accessible city - where it’s easy to use active and public transportation.

I’m a 32-year-old trans woman who has called Clarence home for more than three decades now. I’ve worked primarily as a software engineer and volunteered in lots of spaces – most prominently as an environmental and social justice advocate. I firmly believe in the power of empathy, kindness, ethical consistency, and co-operation. I aim to represent the people of Clarence with these values so that together we can help build this city into everything it can be.

I’m asking for your vote, to add another Green voice to help shape the City of Clarence into a vibrant sustainable and connected city. Which is run not for profit-seeking developers, but for the people who live here - for its residents.

With your help, I will be a strong voice for the community and the environment:

  • Listening to and acting in line with community consultations; keeping you fully informed of what the council is doing and how it will affect you
  • Increasing transparency in council: what we are doing, and why
  • Prioritising sensitive, sympathetic development that enhances our favourite recreational places – including boosting disability access and sustainability
  • Working towards a net-zero council with ambitious environmental goals such as waste reduction, a circular economy, increased tree coverage, better public transport coverage, and greater solar and EV adoption.
  • Collaborating and cooperatively working with other councils and State Government to advocate for affordable, secure and connected housing

I’d love to hear from you – please get in touch and let’s chat 💚