Jenny Cambers-Smith

Councillor, Huon Valley Council

My family lived and worked on the land for generations and I was the first to go to uni, leading to a career in marketing, product development and consultancy. Since moving to the Huon Valley 18 years ago, I’ve focused on our family, looking after our property, and freelancing as a business writer.

I’m pleased to have helped many Tasmanian and Australian small businesses win grants and major contracts, and develop WHS and quality documentation. I’ve also used my skills to pursue community objectives, including winning a landscape-scale weed control grant, helping to achieve conservation status for a large tract of mountainous forest, proving the impracticability of a proposed road through the same area, and helping unpick the draft Huon Valley Local Planning Schedule for residents.

I’m passionate about Tasmania, the Huon Valley and its people, wildlife and natural environment. I’m devoted to our own patch of land and can’t imagine living anywhere else. We’ve been gradually improving our paddocks with regenerative agricultural practices while managing the bulk of our property for wildlife. I love recording unique wildlife footage on our land and showcasing it to people around the world.

My priorities as a citizen and prospective councillor are building a society in which all people are supported and can share in Australia’s prosperity, looking after our natural places, encouraging small businesses, and working to minimise and mitigate against the worst effects of a changing climate.