Nathan Volf

Candidate for Clark

All Tasmanians deserve the right to secure housing, health services and to have the knowledge that strong action is being taken to reverse the effects of climate change.

It is the responsibility of the government to care for all of its constituents by providing quality services and universal access to those services.

I am a passionate advocate for the future of young people in this state. I have worked as a Social Worker with numerous young people and have witnessed a need for significant increases in supports - be this housing, mental health services or the ability to find long-term work or access higher education. These young people are concerned about things that no young person should be concerned about - being homeless, where their next meal is coming from, or even how they are going to afford medical or psychological treatments.

The Greens are the party that create policy that would greatly benefit the lives of young people - and all peoples - of Tasmania, which is why I am honoured to be representing the Greens in Clark.