Paul Gibson

Councillor, Huon Valley Council

I worked as an architect and builder for 30 years, focussing on energy efficient housing. I stood as a Huon Valley councillor in 2018 to influence the problems we face more directly. On Council I pushed to create the first climate change strategy, led the saving of Ida Bay railway, and fought for transparency and fair dealings with the community. After fighting the council’s corrupted process to recruit a new general manager, I resigned in April. I could not remain a councillor and indirectly condone such a blatant conflict of interest. `

For the community, I am a key member of Cygnet Cares Suicide Prevention, Oura Oura House,  the annual Cygnet Cycle Festival, the Lantern Parade and other community-connecting events. I am active with a group to fix the governance of council. I have established a working group, with SETAC, to advocate for a network of trails (palawa lugganah)

A heating climate requires strong planning for safety during bushfires and other extremes. We need a waste strategy that minimises landfill and keeps plastic out of the environment. As a mayor, I would set the strategic direction we need to balance the long-term budget, while focussing on climate and community-building resilience.