The Four Pillars

Like Greens parties around the world, The NSW Greens are founded upon four pillars.

Ecological sustainability

Good economic management means taking care of our earth — not treating our most precious resources like a giant business in liquidation: ‘everything must go!’  The levels of pollution in our atmosphere mean business-as-usual will no longer work if we want to avoid dangerous climate change. The future for Australia can still be prosperous if we build our economy on green principles rather than short-term self-interest.

Grassroots participatory democracy

Real progress comes when enough people believe it is possible to make a difference and decide to do something about it. All Greens members and supporters are driven by the desire to work towards a better Australia. In contrast to the two old parties, which are run by executives in head office, The Greens involve members in key decisions and our campaigns are powered by thousands of ordinary people volunteering their time, skills and support.

Social justice

Many of the social problems we have today — crime, discrimination, disease, poverty — could be dramatically improved if we focus on eliminating extreme inequality in Australia and across the world. The Greens believe it should be the priority of all governments to alleviate poverty and extend opportunity to all members of society.

Peace and non-violence

Australia’s foreign policy should be based on dialogue, diplomacy and cooperation, not aggression. Trying to prevent or counter violence with violence itself will not work. The Greens are committed to peaceful and non-violent solutions locally, nationally and internationally.


About us

We are proudly member driven - a grassroots movement of people with shared values, working together to create a fairer, more peaceful and sustainable society.

Our Story

Since the Greens’ beginnings more than 30 years ago, we’ve grown into a party that stands up for the environment, our society, and always for what’s right.


The Greens NSW is comprised of 60 autonomous Local Groups. Our constitution governs how our confederation works as a whole.