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Continuous & Open Disclosure


The Greens NSW are at the forefront of identifying the ways in which large political donations distort and corrupt our democracy. Those with money gain greater access and influence than those without, undermining the principle of one-citizen one-vote.

The Greens NSW have taken a strong stand against corporate donations. We feel that corporations already have too much influence in the political process, influence which has manifested in spectacular wastes of public money, and the restriction of rights and services for the people of NSW.

As a grassroots party, our donations come from real people, from party members and people who support our campaigns and initiatives, not from large corporations. We publicly disclosed who was donating to our campaign before the 2007 NSW State Election so that the public could see our donations before they went to vote.

Greens NSW policy stated that the annual accumulated cap on political donations collected be $6,600 per person per financial year with the exception of donations to the Richmond Federal election campaign which are capped $16,300 for the 2023/2024 financial year. This is to be indexed by CPI starting in 2022. For 2024 the cap is $7,600, which also matches the NSW Electoral Commission cap.

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