Your Safety

Our commitment to safety:

The Greens NSW want to make sure all our volunteers and employees are provided with a great place to work where everyone feels comfortable, safe and welcome. 

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace or at any of our events, and take the safety of our staff and volunteers very seriously.

To help keep everyone safe, we have developed a Volunteer Code of Conduct which you can view here. You can view our policy on Responding to Sexual Harassment here. And you can view our Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy here.

If you are an employee or volunteer and need to report any behaviour that has made you or someone else feel uncomfortable or unsafe please contact either the Convenor or the Operations Manager.

Caroline Atkinson, Greens NSW Operations Manager:

Kate Da Costa, Greens NSW Convenor:

Or, you can call The Greens NSW Safety line on (02) 9045 6988. Your voicemail will be delivered to Caroline and Kate.

Or, you can call The Greens NSW office on (02) 9045 6909 and our staff will return your call as soon as possible.