2016 Federal Election

Continuous donations disclosure for a better democracy

Last Updated: 02 July 2016

The Greens believe that voters have a right to see who is funding parties and candidates before they vote on election day. So we are publishing our donations as we receive them. The Greens NSW have committed to continuous disclosure of the donations we receive during the 2016 Federal election campaign period. Due to new legislation in NSW, you must be on the electoral roll (state, federal or local) to make political donations.The Greens NSW policy is to only accept donations from individuals  and which must not exceed $1,000 to a candidate or $2,500pa to a political party. The Greens NSW will disclose donations of $1,000 or more on our website during the federal election campaign period, starting 1 July 2015. Also see Democracy4sale.net to see which corporations are funding the major parties' election campaigns.

Name Location Donations
Amanda Lopez NSW $1,435
Andrew Nicholson NSW $1,210
Andrew Clark NSW $1,465
Ange Casey NSW $1,000
Anne Udy NSW $2,000
Annie Nielsen NSW $1,130
Antony Lewis NSW $1,145
Antony Karolis NSW $1,120
Antony Partos NSW $1,320
Bruce McQueen NSW $3,000
Chris Dodds NSW $1,320
Craig Channells NSW $1,240
Cynthia Nadai NSW $2,090
David Mathers NSW $2,120
Francine Bartlett NSW $1,180
Gerte Cohn NSW $1,000
Gordon Chambers NSW $1,200
Graham Buchan NSW $1,120
Isaac Rayward NSW $1,045
James Jenkins-flint NSW $1,000
Janine Kitson NSW $1,000
Jennifer Fitzgerald NSW $1,460
Joan Landy NSW $1,300
Jonathan Milford NSW $1,075
Jonathon Beves NSW $1,240
Kristian Bolwell NSW $1,220
Larisa Klymenko NSW $1,910
Lee Stickells NSW $1,000
Lyn Casey NSW $2,500
Lynn Dalgarno NSW $1,200
Maciej Jarecki NSW $1,000
Marcelle Lawrence NSW $1,200
Mark Elkins NSW $1,120
Michael Hanna NSW $1,500
Michael Ord NSW $2,220
Michael Tuckson NSW $1,550
Munro Saunders NSW $1,050
Musnarti Dickinson Qld $1,030
Nigel Janson NSW $1,400
Peter Nicholas NSW $1,020
Phillip Bradley NSW $1,730
Robert Stanley NSW $1,000
Robert Shield NSW $1,345
Robert Chapman NSW $1,000
Ronald Peck NSW $1,000
Rosemary Leonard WA $1,500
Simon Rumble NSW $1,020
Stewart Whittlestone NSW $1,000
Sylvia Hale NSW $2,050
Terry Le Roux NSW $1,240
Therese Cochrane NSW $1,500
Thomas Waddell NSW $1,000
Verna Rutnam NSW $2,000
Warren Morley NSW $1,000
Wendy Mcmurdo NSW $1,420