2021/22 Federal Election Donations Disclosure

Last Updated: 26/05/2022

The Greens believe that voters have a right to see who is funding parties and candidates before they vote on election day. So we are publishing our donations as we accept them. The Greens NSW have committed to continuous disclosure of the donations we receive during the Financial Year. Due to new legislation in NSW, you must be on the electoral roll (state, federal or local) to make political donations. The Greens NSW policy is to only accept donations from individuals, donations must not exceed $1,500 to a candidate or $6,600pa to a political party from an eligible donor in any financial year. This figure is indexed annually in line with the Consumer Price Index.  

Name Location Donations
Aiden Le Gras NSW $2,000
Alex (Alexander) Damon NSW $1,000
Alison Crook NSW $1,000
Alistair Lochhead NSW $1,000
Allanah Mondon NSW $1,000
Andrew Hall NSW $5,881
Angus (Charles) McDonald NSW $1,000
Anne Chapelle NSW $1,000
Anne Goslett NSW $2,000
Anthony Gilding NSW $3,000
Antony King NSW $3,000
Arthur Conigrave NSW $1,000
B.C. Ragothaman 3 NSW $13,194.51 4
Brendan Collins NSW $2,500
Bruce McQueen NSW $1,000
Caroline Le Couteur ACT $1,000
Cate (Catriona) Faehrmann NSW $1,000
Christopher Dean NSW $3,500
Chris (Christopher) Burns NSW $1,000
Chris (Christopher) Maltby NSW $3,000
Colin Charlton NSW $1,000
Colin Roden NSW $2,000
Coral Jones NSW $1,000
Craig Sugden NSW $1,250
Craig Tindale NSW $1,000
Cynthia Nadai NSW $1,000
Deb (Deborah) Cox NSW $2,000
Deborah Kelly NSW $1,750
Denise Russell NSW $1,000
Dominic Russell NSW $6,600
Cynthia Nadai NSW $1,000
Elly (Elizabeth Sandra) Fong-Jones BC 1 $6,600
Emma Bellamy NSW $5,000
Gail Edmonds NSW $1,000
Gulay Alkan NSW $1,820
Guy De Vanny ACT $1,500
Guy Dutson NSW $1,500
Hayley Katzen NSW $1,500
Heather Armstrong NSW $1,000
Heather Da Silva NSW $2,000
Hilary Green NSW $1,000
Ian Kilgour   TAS $1,000
James Ryan NSW $1,000
Jane Abercrombie NSW $1,000
Janet Laurence NSW $2,500
Janet Moyle NSW $2,000
Jenna Appleton NSW $1,000
Jenny Leong NSW $1,500
John Gordon NSW $2,000
John Sheldrick NSW $3,000
John Starr NSW $1,000
John Sutton NSW $2,000
Josephine Beirne NSW $1,000
Judith Leane NSW $2,000
Judy Byrne NSW $5,000
Judy (Judith) Mundey NSW $2,000
Julie (Katrina) Gilfillan NSW $1,500
Justin Ayre NSW $1,500
Justin Cain NSW $1,500
Kathleen Cator NSW $1,000
Kristian Bolwell NSW $1,000
Laura Doe Harris NSW $1,000
Laura Shore NSW $1,000
Leah Rettenmaier NSW $2,500
Lee Rhiannon NSW $1,000
Leila Excell NSW $6,000
Leisa Davison NSW $1,000
Leree Roden NSW $1,000
Lik Tsang NSW $1,000
Linda Eisler NSW $1,500
Linda Laos NSW $1,000
Liz (Elizabeth) Bassett NSW $1,000
Liza Powell NSW $5,000
Liz (Zhen Elizabeth) Fong-Jones NSW $6,600
Liz (Jane Elizabeth) Atkins NSW $2,000
Luke Robinson NSW $4,000
Lynda Dean NSW $1,500
Lynne Joslyn NSW $3,480
Lyn (Lynette) McCarthy NSW $2,250
Margie (Margaret) Edwards NSW $1,000
Mark Joiner NSW $1,500
Martin Pool CA2 $1000
Matt (Matthew) Currie NSW $1,000
Meera (Liesle) Bickley NSW $6,500 5
Merran Morrison NSW $3,000
Michael Ord NSW $1,000
Mishaela Simpkins NSW $5,400
Mohammad Haque NSW $2,000
Mora Main NSW $4,250
Munro Saunders NSW $1,000
Naren (Antony) King NSW $5,600
Nikki (Nicole) Doble NSW $1,000
Noel Hanna NSW $1,000
Pam (Pamela) Ditton NSW $3,700
Patricia Tsang NSW $1,000
Peter Greenland NSW $1,500
Peter Riordan NSW $1,000
Phillip Smiles NSW $1,000
Phillip Frazer NSW $1,000
Prue (Prudence) Cancian NSW $1,000
Pru (Prudence) Wawn NSW $5,000
Rashed (Mohammad) Haque NSW $3,000
Rhonda Fadden NSW $1,000
Richard Bean NSW $1,380
Robert Bleakley NSW $1,000
Robert Crosby NSW $1,350
Robert Eales NSW $1,000
Robert Ishak NSW $1,000
Robert McCrossin NSW $1,000
Sarah Lay NSW $2,500
Sean Triner NSW $1,000
Simon Holliday NSW $1,500
Sin Tsang NSW $1,000
Stephanie Boldeman NSW $2,500
Stephan Grant NSW $1,000
Stephen Houston NSW $1,000
Sue (Susan) Higginson NSW $1,000
Susan Hamilton NSW $1,000
Sutopa Parrab NSW $1,100
Suzie (Suzanne) Brown NSW $1,500
Sylvia Hale NSW $2,000
Tamara Smith NSW $1,500
Tanya Excell NSW $5,000
Tara (Tanya) Nelson Carnegie NSW $5,000
Terrance Leroux NSW $1,000
Therese Doyle NSW $1,000
Tracey Mair NSW $1,000
Trina Minter Naughton NSW $1,000
Toby King NSW $6,600
Tom (Thomas) Mayfield NSW $2,000
Tony (Anthony) Gilding NSW $2,500
Victoria Parsons 3 NSW $1,000

Australian Citizen currently residing in British Columbia, Canada.

Australian Citizen currently residing in California, USA.

3 This is the preferred name supplied. For further info please contact membership@nsw.greens.org.au.

4 For further information please contact membership@nsw.greens.org.au.

5 Contributions made across two separate financial years.