2021/22 General Donations Disclosure

Last Updated: 10/06/2022

The Greens believe that voters have a right to see who is funding parties and candidates before they vote on election day. So we are publishing our donations as we accept them. The Greens NSW have committed to continuous disclosure of the donations we receive during the Financial Year. Due to new legislation in NSW, you must be on the electoral roll (state, federal or local) to make political donations. The Greens NSW policy is to only accept donations from individuals, donations must not exceed $1,500 to a candidate or $6,600pa to a political party from an eligible donor in any financial year. This figure is indexed annually in line with the Consumer Price Index.  

Name Location Donations
Colin Hesse NSW $1,000
Daniel Endicott NSW $6,600
David Mathers NSW $1,000
Gail Crawford NSW $1,000