Greens call for immediate moratorium on CSG in NSW following scathing parliamentary report


Today a scathing report was released by the parliamentary inquiry into the CSG industry in NSW detailing how the NSW Government has failed to fully implement the majority of the NSW Chief Scientist’s 16 recommendations from 2014.

“The government claimed that they had completed or were implementing all but two of the 2014 recommendations,” said Abigail Boyd, Greens MP, spokesperson for Mining, Coal & CSG and a participant on the inquiry.

“Yet here we are - five years later - and this inquiry has revealed what community groups have been saying all along, that this government wasn’t telling the truth. What we really have is a failure to properly implement all but two of the recommendations.

“Not only has this inquiry discovered that the government has not done the work, it’s clear they have little to no intention of ever doing it.

“With the Chief Scientist’s recommendations unaddressed, we remain exposed to unacceptable risks in NSW when it comes to CSG.

“Santos must not be permitted to drill in the Pilliga. The only responsible thing for this government to do now is to put an immediate moratorium on all CSG in NSW until they have implemented all of the Chief Scientist’s recommendations in full.”

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