Greens MP arrested for taking part in a peaceful student protest about the bushfires and climate emergency


Greens MP David Shoebridge will be defending the charge against him for participating in a peaceful climate emergency protest outside Kirribilli House today. The protest was called by student climate activists who were protesting outside the Prime Minister's Sydney residence.

There is widespread anger in the community with the PM being on holiday while the country is facing catastrophic bushfires, made all the worse by politicians' failure to deal with climate change.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

"These students needed someone from Parliament on their side, and that's why I was there, to show them support.

"It's really unfortunate the Police chose to escalate a peaceful protest like they did.

"There was no need for the Police to issue move-on directions to the students, they were peacefully occupying a very short cul-de-sac. They were not blocking any traffic or any pedestrian access.

"Like the great majority of the students I tried to comply with a move on direction, but the riot squad arrested me regardless.

"I'll be defending the charge in Court.

"It's an incredibly wasteful use of the Police and Court's time, but this is what happens when the riot squad get their blood up.

"I'm extremely grateful to the students for showing the courage and leadership we need in the face of these awful bushfires and the climate emergency," Mr Shoebridge said.

Mr Shoebridge was charged with failing to comply with a move-on direction. He will be attending the Manly Local Court on 16 January 2020 when he will be defending the charge