Greens NSW Media Statement 
Saturday, 8 December 2018


The Greens NSW Co-Convenors Sylvia Hale and Rochelle Flood today issued the following statement.

The Greens NSW State Delegates Council has passed by consensus, with only two group registering their dissent, the following Proposal:

That the Greens NSW: 

1. Acknowledge and thank Jeremy Buckingham MLC for his extensive and outstanding campaign work against coal and coal seam gas, and for a sustainable Murray-Darling Basin in NSW. However:

 2. The State Delegates Council believes that if Jeremy Buckingham remains on the ticket for the 2019 NSW election, the Greens NSW will not be able to campaign effectively on the issues which we all know are so urgent

 3. SDC therefore requests that Jeremy Buckingham steps aside and vacates his position on the ticket.

4 a. The Greens NSW commit to undertake a formal and independent review of Greens NSW structures and processes, including complaints processes and the Greens NSW Constitution, focusing particularly on the party's capacity to deal with and respond to issues relating to harassment, bullying and the loss of trust and good will, with planning to commence by January 1 2019.

b. That $20,000 be committed from the current state campaign budget to the review in recognition of the urgency of the process.

c. That the State Manager, in consultation with members and Standing Committees, be tasked with developing a formal Terms of Reference and Project Plan, to be presented to the February SDC.

d. That the final report be made available to all members.

An earlier proposal expressing that the State Delegates Council had lost confidence in Jeremy Buckingham received 70% support from delegates but didn’t reach the required 75% to achieve modified Consensus.


Greens NSW Media & Communications Manager, Mark Franklin

0447 581 170