Greens rebuke reckless proposal to shut down Barrack Street Campus


Today Greens NSW lead upper house candidates David Shoebridge and Abigail Boyd joined the Greens candidate for Bega, Will Douglas to rebuke the Liberals’ proposed closing of the Barrack Street TAFE Campus.

Lead candidate for the upper house David Shoebridge said:

“This is a reckless proposal from a reckless government.”

“TAFE is essential for the future of this region. The community knows that, and so do the Greens.”

"A connected learning centre can be a useful addition to a TAFE campus but it can never replace it, which is why we’re committed to saving Barrack Street.”

Lead woman candidate for the upper house and the Spokesperson for Youth Abigail Boyd said:

“At a time when the South Coast has such high rates of youth unemployment and a lack of tertiary education options, the Liberals are proposing to rip away existing facilities.”

“It just doesn’t add up.”

“We need to be supporting young people to get the skills they need to be job ready in an increasingly uncertain job market.”

Will Douglas, the Greens candidate for Bega said:

“I teach many students for whom TAFE is a lifeline between school and employment. For those who do not prosper at school, it is their path to university.

“We need to be investing in future generations, not creating additional barriers. The Greens will fully fund TAFE, make courses up to Cert IV free and ensure campuses like Barrack Street are kept open.

“The Greens are the only political party committed to 100% of vocational funding going to the public TAFE system, instead of to dodgy private providers.”

The Greens will always fight for a world class TAFE. One that is publicly owned and operated, accessible and free. You can read more about our TAFE election platform and commitments​ ​here.​

Media contact: David Shoebridge 0408 113 952 or 0421 743 665