Greens secure cross-party Inquiry into Floodplain Harvesting


A NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into floodplain harvesting has just been established after a successful motion this morning in the NSW Upper House by Greens MP Cate Faehrmann and water spokesperson in response to demands by the community for more transparency around the controversial practise. 

The Inquiry comes after the disallowance by the NSW Upper House of the Government’s floodplain harvesting regulations in May.

The House agreed that Ms Cate Faehrmann will be Chair of the inquiry and Mark Banasiak of the Shooters, Fishers & Farmers will be Deputy Chair. 

“This Inquiry is a win for the communities, farmers and First Nations peoples along the Darling-Baaka River who have been sidelined throughout this process, and will finally get an opportunity to have their voices heard, “ said Ms Faehrmann. 

“We cannot hope to resolve this standoff without providing all members of the community a forum to be heard equally.

“There is huge uncertainty around this form of take, including the massive increase in the volume of take and even whether floodplain harvesting has been legal up until this point. This inquiry will allow us to finally address, and hopefully resolve, these open questions.

“This Inquiry will examine the legality of floodplain harvesting as well as the modelling underpinning the government’s claims that licensing floodplain harvesting won’t exceed the basin cap. 

“Members of the committee hail from across the political spectrum. As Chair I am committed to working with all members in the hope of achieving consensus recommendations as to how floodplain harvesting should be licensed and regulated,” said Ms Faehrmann.