Lockout Laws Report Welcome, But Two Key Recommendations Missing


Greens MP and Arts, Music, Night-Time Economy and Culture Spokesperson Cate Faehrmann has welcomed the findings of the Report into Sydney’s Night-Time Economy handed down today, however believed two more recommendations were needed: Repealing the lockout laws in Kings Cross, and reining in heavy-handed policing such as strip-searches and sniffer dogs

“The Committee heard overwhelming evidence that the government got it wrong when it came to balancing keeping people safe on our streets at night and ensuring Sydney still had a nightlife to offer,” said Ms Faehrmann.

“The Government never should have cracked down on Sydney’s nightlife with these extreme measures. We’ve lost a lot of local institutions and many talented people have left Sydney, all because of the Government’s overreach.

“I wanted the report to be stronger in two ways. The lockout laws should be repealed in Kings Cross, and the Government must address the culture of overzealous policing in NSW, particularly the use of strip-searching and sniffer dogs.

“Kings Cross has substantially changed since the lockout laws were introduced with a significant decrease in footfall and a changing residential and business makeup. The Committee heard enough evidence to at least trial lifting restrictions in Kings Cross as well.

“The Committee also heard evidence from a range of venue operators and industry experts that a heavy police presence and the overzealous use of strip searches and sniffer dogs was stopping people going out.

“Restaurants, bars and clubs in Sydney have had ridiculous restrictions imposed upon them for too long so I certainly hope the government responds to all of the Report’s recommendations with urgency,” said Ms Faehrmann.

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