Australia exported $1.5 million worth of weapons to Israel in February 2024, fresh DFAT data shows


Just published data from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade shows that in February 2024 alone Australia directly exported over $1.5 million in ‘arms and ammunition’ to Israel. 

This most recent version of DFAT’s monthly ‘country and commodity pivot tables’ shows that the value of the February 2024 exports was nearly as much as the entire value of direct ‘arms and munitions’ exports to Israel since the Albanese Government came to power, collectively over $3.25 million. 

The term ‘arms and ammunition’ only refers to guns, bullets, missiles, tanks, swords and other weapons. This definition does not cover the bulk of military goods Australia exports directly to Israel or through third countries, such as engines for drones and military-grade steel for armoured vehicles. These figures also likely do not include weapons exported indirectly, such as F35 fighter parts that likely are channelled through the United States and Europe.

At a recent Senate Estimates hearing, the Chief Economist of DFAT acknowledged that the DFAT data showing Australia has exported $10 million worth of ‘arms and ammunition’ to Israel over the past five years is credible.

UN agencies and experts have called on countries, including Australia, to stop exporting military equipment to Israel for months. These calls are being ignored by the Albanese Government. 

Greens Senator and Defence Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: “Make no mistake the Albanese Labor Government by permitting these exports to Israel is complicit in the genocide that is occurring. Each of these exports requires the express consent of the Australian government. 

“The fact these arms and ammunition exports occurred in February 2024 is appalling. This was five months into the brutal assault on the people of Gaza when the world had witnessed indiscriminate and disproportionate killing and mass starvation being used as a weapon by the Israeli military. 

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says Australia is still exporting military equipment to Israel, as does the UN and Australian arms manufacturers. It is no longer credible for the Albanese Government to deny this reality.

“It's remarkable that Australian exporters are being more honest about sending arms and ammunition to Israel in the middle of a genocide than our own Government.

“It is long past time for the Albanese Labor Government to stop the two-way arms trade with the State of Israel. This is their obligation under international humanitarian law and the express provisions of the Genocide Convention.

“How many more deaths will it take, and how many more times will the Government try to mislead the public, before action is taken?”