Community takes control of Short-Term Holiday Letting in Byron Shire


Today the NSW Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts, announced that Byron Shire Council and the Byron community will now have the power to cap short-term-holiday in the Shire. 

Tamara Smith MP, Member for Ballina said: “This is a fantastic win for our community because we get to shape the way our villages in Byron Shire grow rather than property developers and market forces. 

“It is disappointing that we have to wait 12 months for Council’s proposed 90-day cap to be implemented across most of the Shire, but it will make a huge difference whenever it comes into effect. 

“The Department of Planning’s own modelling shows that at least 1,500 whole homes will come onto the rental market once the 90-day cap is implemented. Given the housing crises in the Northern Rivers this cannot come into effect soon enough,” Ms Smith said.  

“The State government has recognised that Byron faces unique and exceptional circumstances, and has given the council the unique authority to control short-term holiday letting. 

“The community has been lobbying for over a decade to reign in unfettered short-term holiday letting in Byron Shire and we have all been aghast at the statistics of 3000 plus whole homes being entirely let on holiday platforms at any one time” Ms Smith said.  

“Our community will be one of the only communities in Australia that can decide how our towns grow in terms of prioritising homes for residents and workers and it comes after years of people facing loss of amenity from party houses and zero rental availability in Byron Shire. 

“I thank Anthony Roberts for having the courage to stare down powerful lobbyists in order to support our community, and recognise the leadership of Byron Shire Council Director Shannon Burt for this outstanding outcome.”