Day of action across NSW to take back the forests from Forestry Corporation


Communities have taken to public native forests across NSW to call attention to the destruction being caused by logging operations by the NSW Forestry Corporation. In a statewide day of action, forest defenders have walked into forests that have been closed to the public to hide the damage being caused by the reckless actions of the NSW Government.

Speaking from Yarrat State Forest on the Mid North Coast, Greens MP Sue Higginson and spokesperson for the environment said "The people of NSW do not support the logging of our public native forests. This industry is profitless and destructive and the 1000 jobs across the State are unsustainable and face an inevitable end.

"These forests, our public native forests, provide amenity to their communities, habitat for threatened species and capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.

"Thousands of people across the state have been taking direct action against the destructive logging of our public native forests in the lead up to this state election and tens of thousands more are calling for immediate action to mitigate against the dangerous impacts of climate change. These people, and all of us and our need for a safe environment and climate outweighs the narrow minded racketeering by the NSW Government’s Forestry Corporation.

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