Faruqi calls on Wong to follow Canada, Sweden and restore funding to UNRWA immediately


Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for International Aid and Global Justice Senator Mehreen Faruqi, is calling on the Labor government to  reinstate UNRWA funding, and rapidly increase aid to save Palestinian lives, after both Canada and Sweden announced they would restore funding to UNRWA. 

Senator Faruqi said:

“Clearly the Labor government is unable to make independent foreign policy decisions so I hope Senator Wong is as quick to follow the nations restoring UNWRA’s funding as she was to freeze it.

“How many more horrifying images of famine-like conditions and starved Palestinians does the Labor Government need to see to restore life-saving funding to UNRWA?

“It has been 43 days since the morally bankrupt Labor government made the inexcusable decision to suspend aid funding to UNRWA based on Israel’s allegations, despite the Minister admitting she had not seen a shred of evidence. 

“Children are being starved by Israel amidst the ruins of Gaza. Greens and the community have been out in full force calling on Minister Wong to restore UNRWA funding - which is the bare minimum she should do. 

“With Ramadan starting there is not a day to waste. UNWRA’s funding must be urgently restored and rapidly increased.

“The Labor government needs to wake up from their genocidal stupor and demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire.”