Faruqi reacts to Labor’s decision to reinstate UNRWA funding


Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for International Aid and Global Justice Senator Mehreen Faruqi, has responded to Minister Wong’s announcement of UNRWA funding resumption.

Quotes attributable to Senator Faruqi:

“Finally, after 48 days and under intense pressure from the Greens and the community, Minister Wong has restored UNRWA funding, which was inexcusably cut off.  

“Without humanitarian aid, children are being starved in the ruins of Gaza and are dying of malnutrition. Restoring UNRWA funding is the bare minimum, the Labor government should publicly pressure Israel to allow aid into all parts of Gaza.  

“Starvation is a weapon of war and Israel continues to block humanitarian aid from reaching people in Gaza, in brazen violation of the ICJ ruling.

“I hope this is the start of the Labor government breaking away from their unquestioning and immoral support of Israel. Now, Labor must call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and an end to the occupation and apartheid.”