Forest defenders and climate activists arrested in Bulga State Forest


The NSW Forestry Corporation had their plans to destroy native forests at Bulga temporarily delayed by the selfless actions of forest defenders early this morning. The Bulga State Forest was caught between two mega-fires during the 2019-2020 black summer and is a vital sanctuary for native plants and animals that are slowly recovering from this catastrophic disaster .Over 50 people attended the blockade, and two peaceful activists were arrested after Forestry Corporation called in the NSW Police to dismantle the blockade.

Greens MP and spokesperson for the environment, Sue Higginson, said “The NSW Government is ignoring science, industry and communities by pushing forward with plans to destroy native forests through unprofitable and dangerous logging."

"Native forests, especially those that are recovering from the Black Summer fires, are vital refuges for native species and act as massive carbon sinks in the struggle to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change."

“The native forest logging industry cost the NSW taxpayer $9 million last financial year and would collapse without massive public spending to prop up this failed industry.“

"The action by the community here in Bulga has forced Forestry Corporation to temporarily switch their plans to destroy native forests here today."

They will be logging a nearby plantation forest, but with no guarantee that they won’t switch back to the native forest at any time. “It is a shame that two brave climate and forest defenders have been arrested despite engaging in civil and non-violent actions that are helping us by protecting native forests from this senseless destruction. “

"I’m calling on the Government to announce their plan to transition out of the unprofitable logging of native forests and into a 100% sustainable plantation industry model that will benefit communities and the environment,” Ms Higginson said