Greens announce $200 per year in music vouchers for 18-25 year olds as part of plan to resuscitate arts, music and culture across NSW


The  Greens have today announced their ‘State of the Arts’ policy platform to reinvigorate and support the struggling arts and music sectors across NSW.

A key element of the plan will be to provide 4 x $50 live music vouchers to all 18 - 24 year olds across NSW.

Greens MP and spokesperson for arts and music, Cate Faehrmann said “our plan will give all 15 to 24 yr olds 4 x $50 vouchers each year to spend on any live music of their choice, whether it be a music festival, small acoustic set by one of our many home-grown singer song-writers, or a night dancing to their favourite DJ.

“Under our plan we can make NSW the premier state again for music, arts, culture and nightlife and reclaim the title of the cultural capital of Australia.

“Decades of chronic underfunding, a pandemic and more extreme weather have left our arts and cultural sector in NSW struggling to survive. 

“Music, arts and culture are a major driver of economic activity across NSW and for years these sectors have been treated with contempt by this government.

“Over $130 million of income was lost from the music and creative industries in NSW during the pandemic and many venues and cultural institutions were forced to close their doors for good.

 “Without a significant funding boost to our arts and creative sectors, we run the risk of losing a generation of artists and the closure of more iconic venues across the state. 

“Arts, music and culture lie at the heart of who we are. They tell our stories, bring our communities together and position us on the world stage,” said Cate Faehrmann. 

“They are also fundamental to our state’s economy, employing hundreds of thousands of people across NSW. 

“The Greens have a plan that will significantly boost investment in the arts, culture and music in our cities, regions and in remote NSW by providing immediate incentives, long-term funding arrangements and creating secure, well paid jobs in the creative industries,” Cate Faehrmann said. 

The Greens plan will: 

  • Give all 15 to 24 yr olds 4 x $50 vouchers a year to spend on live music of their choice.
  • Phase pokies out of pubs and provide financial support for them to transition to live music. 
  • Introduce a minimum fee of $250 for musicians and continue to push for a Universal Basic Income.
  • Stop costly, over-policing and end the use of drug dogs and strip searches. 
  • Provide $100m in funding to music festivals and provide greater government support. 
  • Work with First Nations communities to secure a world-class First Nations Cultural Centre in the Sydney CBD.
  • Make NSW a leader in live music by establishing an Office of Contemporary Music and support all other policy asks by music industry stakeholders to revive and grow live music in NSW.
  • Save the Powerhouse Museum and keep it in Ultimo. 
  • Support Western Sydney to become a centre of arts, music and culture.